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Economic interventionism

Economic interventionism, sometimes also called economic statism and state interventionism, is an economic policy perspective favoring government intervention in the market process to correct market failures and promote the general welfare of the people. An economic intervention is an action taken by a government or international institution ...

Techno-economic analysis for upgrading the biomass …

This study summarizes the detailed techno-economic analysis of the ethanol-to-jet (ETJ) process based on two different feedstocks ( grain and stover) at the plant scale of 2000 dry metric tons per day. Ethanol biologically derived from biomass is upgraded

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A Method for Optimizing Jet-Mill-Bit Hydraulics in …

Summary Efficient cuttings transport is a major challenge in horizontal drilling; one can use a new type of jet-mill bit to overcome the challenge fundamentally. However, currently, there is no available method for optimizing jet-mill-bit hydraulics

Biorefinery for combined production of jet fuel and ethanol …

Another major factor that influenced the process economics was the size of plant (crushing capacity), which was shown to have considerable effect on price of jet fuel (Fig. 12). The jet fuel selling price was estimated $1.84/L (19.07% decrease) and $3.07/L (34.78% increase) for double (3.2 million ton lipid‐cane annually) and half (0.8 million ton lipid‐cane annually) of base plant ...

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Renewable bio-jet fuel production for aviation: A review

 · The mean breakeven jet fuel prices for sugarcane, grain and switchgrass were 3.65 USD·gallon −1, 3.84 USD·gallon −1 and 5.21 USD·gallon −1, respectively . The economics of alcohol to jet process is mainly effected by the way to produce alcohol, while

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Moreover, both the Economics and the Business Economics pathways allow, but do not require, all students to undertake a paid placement year on completion of the second year. If they complete this successfully they will qualify for the “Sandwich” award in their degree title.

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Trump presses for economic stimulus deal, saying 'get it …

President Donald Trump pressed for a deal on another round of pandemic aid to jolt the U.S. economic recovery, saying the country “wants and needs” fiscal stimulus. With Trump receiving treatment at Walter Reed military hospital outside Washington after testing ...


 · Again, economics gets in the way. Although data are often thought of as a commodity, corporate data sets, in particular, tend not to be fungible. Each is …

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Pulp mill integration with alcohol-to-jet conversion …

 · Alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) technology allows biorefineries to produce viable jet fuel blendstock. • Production capacity and energy usage is modeled within pulp mill biorefineries using ATJ. • Fuels conversion offers a relative reduction in energy use from kraft mill pulping.

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The RotoJet classifying jet mill, aka fluid bed mill, operates under a vacuum so the venturi injection system is not always needed but a high intensity exhaust fan is an absolute necessity. Even with the physical differences, all three (3) type of Fluid Energy jet mills (MicroJet, Jet-O-Mizer, RotoJet) need consistent feed and product separation equipment.

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Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Guide

The Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Guide covers more than 3,000 items of mobile, portable, and stationary equipment commonly required by mining and milling operations. Select from a full range of sizes and types, with productivity information for many items.

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What Is the Mises Daily The Mises Daily articles are short and relevant and written from the perspective of an unfettered free market and Austrian economics. Written for a broad audience of laymen and students, the Mises Daily features a wide variety of topics including everything from the history of the state, to international trade, to drug prohibition, and business cycles.

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