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Crepe Doctors

seven times blade regrinding possible blade conforms automatically to roll crown James Ross is setting new standards in the crepe industry with its proven Superflex technology. The creping doctor is based on this technology and has undergone further The blade ...

Fin Pass Rolls

The fin blade is a narrow roll segment that fits into the open gap at the top of the partially formed tube. As the rolls are adjusted together the metal is put into reduction (i.e."squeezed"). The flower images on this page represent the flower of a one inch diameter tube in the fin rolls.

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The cutting edge.

knives and roll shear. Phone: (800) 345-4038 • (508)885-6301 NEUENKAMP Remscheid, Germany Founded 1926 Metal roll shearing (slitting) components and systems. Phone: (+49) 2191 9351-0 EUROKNIFE Piliscsaba, Hungary Founded 1995 Slitting knives D

Roll Regrinding Services

Regrinding rolls at correct intervals extends roll life, reduces regrind costs and will result in higher average tubing quality over the life of the tooling. Postponing roll regrinding until the rolls produce scrap or until structural failure occurs in the roll is the most costly form of tooling maintenance.

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Regrinding / Resharpening

Regrind Your Knives Modern technology has turned regrinding and resharpening techniques into an applied science. Kinetic has state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated procedures that can restore your knives to like-new condition. The high-tech steels and ...


roll failures with customers and fellow colleagues from other roll producers I found my performance often miserable or worse, frequently due to a lack of common understanding of the basic material science of my subject. There are many articles available on ...

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Reduced scoring lines

Regrinding a roll costs between € 1,000 and 2,000, depending on the anilox dimensions and cell specifications, and buying a new roll costs between € 5,000 and 15,000. Roll scoring lines are typically caused by metal slivers or dust, shaved off the steel doctor blade.

How to Grind Wedges | Golfweek

A professional golfer may sometimes have a wedge ground to alter its playing characteristics to fit a particular course. Grinding the club head may change the wedge’s bounce, or it may sharpen or soften the leading edge. While wedge grinding is typically a job for ...

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Calendar Rolls | Hayden Corp.

Extended Life for Traditional Calender Rolls Capital Expansion with Ongoing Payback Situation: Abrasives eat away at calender rolls causing roughness, uneven pressure, and wear on the overall surface. Founded in 1919, Hayden Corp.’s longevity has been driven ...

Failure modes and solutions for ID scarfing tools

When regrinding roll sets, be sure the fin blades’ major diameters are ground to the proper size (see Figure 5). Interference between the fin blades and the tow bar will cause a rupture in the impeder coolant circuit in just a matter of hours.

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How to sharpen your blades; fast, easy, and efficiently

Sharpening the Timber Wolf blades for your bandsaw mill by hand. These are the blades I am using: Timber Wolf® 155" x 1-1/4" x 3/4" x .029 set (103SS) x .045...

Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Roll Forming

See what our customers say. Look through our testimonial page and the rest of the website to see how we continuously improve to make the best products for tube and pipe producers. Contact Us Use our form below for more information on how our Tungsten Carbide Rolls can save you money on reconditioning costs or call us toll-free at 888-953-9400.

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Tip regrinding tips

 · 2. I agree with the others. Keep the blade cool at all times whenever using power equipment. I don't have the HT data for H1, but heating the blade beyond what is comfortable to hold in-hand is not likely good for the steel. 3. Not likely. I agree with Darby's 4.


roll which supports the paper web against the metering blade. The run-out tolerance of backing rolls at running speed has lately been 50 µm and should be substantially reduced in the ...

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Rex-45 Regrind |

 · would suggest starting with regrinding the secondary bevel to 12-15 DPS and then grind the primary bevel down to 0.01” BTE. If the edge does chip or roll, you can always add a microbevel later. Jul 10, 2020 #5 bdmicarta 5,402 Feb 16, 2012 Did you find I ...

Mascoe | unichem

Mascoe also offers machining services for blade manufacturing and regrinding, roll manufacturing. Custom machine design, repair and manufacturing capabilities are available. Experience and education are key to any successful coating application.

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